Greenbriar Resources Corporation

Professional Work History of Gary L. King, President of GRC

Self-Employed, dba Greenbriar Resources
,  Edmond, Oklahoma. 1984 to 2000
President, Greenbriar Resources  Corporation, 2001 to present.

Oil & Gas Consultant - Provide geologic mapping on any scale. Projects have included Hunton of  NW Oklahoma & Texas Panhandle, Simpson of central Oklahoma, Lower Morrow of western Oklahoma, Penn sands of north-central Oklahoma,  regional structure & isopach in Williston basin and Penn/Atoka sands of the Arkoma basin, geological and geophysical oversite of 7 operated and over 300 non-op Fayetteville shale wells, oversite and geosteering of numerous horizontal wells. Perform field and reservoir studies. Geophysical interpretation of 2-D & 3-D seismic (utilizing IHS Petra and Kingdom software). Generate oil & gas prospects. Evaluate properties,  prospects, logs, deals. Appear before Oklahoma Corporation Commission and Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission as expert witness in numerous oil & gas hearings.

Management Consultant - Exploration expert on team analyzing and evaluating the Exploration and Production Directorate of the Abu Dhabi  National Oil Company, United Arab Emirates, which has about 10 percent  of the world’s oil reserves and the world’s forth largest gas reserves.  Our recommendations were utilized in an on-going modernization program  that culminated in a structural reorganization of the company in the  fall of 1998.  Contract Exploration Manager/Chief Geoscientist of small, active exploration and development company.

Seminar Author / Instructor - Author and conduct numerous seminars to teach geologists how to use computer  resources effectively, especially as pertaining to geologic mapping.  Provide training and continuing support to clients using computer  applications in diverse businesses.

Application / Utility  Programmer - Visual Basic programmer, including Microsoft Office VB for applications. Write numerous utilities to organize & translate geologic and production data for mapping. Provide data translation for  3-D seismic projects & computer mapping. Wrote programs to reformat purchased data for use with mapping & contouring system. Wrote digitizing program for seismic surveys. Wrote control / data acquisition programs for three psychophysiological research projects. Conduct  computer needs studies and recommend hardware & software. Wrote inventory / point-of-sale application.

Marketing / Sales -  Prepared and implemented market strategy for Mapping & Contouring software system which included advertising in technical journals, direct mail and outside sales force; sold more systems than any other  distributor. Provided total computer solutions through value-added  resale of hardware and software.

Universal Resources  Corporation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 4 ˝ yrs. 1979- 1984.

Division Manager - 1 ˝ yrs. In charge of all aspects of operation of the Midcontinent Division, including geology/geophysics, land and operations. Supervised three department heads with up to 125 employees in division. Responsible for planning and implementing future operations with annual budgets of $10-35 million. Added more oil & gas to reserves of division than produced for a net gain in reserves each year.

Exploration Manager - 2 ˝ yrs. Assumed responsibility for all  development and exploratory geology of the Midcontinent Division.  Supervised professional staff of 6 geologists and 7 technical support and secretarial personnel. Group generated prospects resulting in about 80 drillable locations per year.

District Geologist - 6 mos.  In charge of exploration & development geology for eastern Oklahoma. Supervised 4 geologists and several technical support personnel. Generated drilling locations to keep as many as five drilling rigs active.

Hunt Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma; 1 yr; 1978-1979.

Senior Exploration Geologist - 1 yr. Generated prospects for Pennsylvanian sands on Anadarko Shelf in  northwestern Oklahoma and Texas panhandle. Generated five drillable prospects resulting in one discovery while employed by Hunt.

Texaco, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma; 5 ˝ yrs.; 1973 - 1978.

District Geologist - 1 yr. In charge of exploration for midcontinent for Texaco.  Supervised 7 geologists and 2 non-technical employees. Recruited  geo-scientists for Texaco at several college campuses. Well-site  geologist at Texaco Atlantic offshore stratigraphic test.

Assistant District Geologist - 6 mos. Play and prospect generation in  midcontinent; assisted in supervisory and training duties of District Geologist.

Division Staff Geologist - 1 yr. Assisted Division Geologist in evaluation and handling of prospects submitted by districts, and presented approved prospects to local management. Handled Geologic Department budgets for Operations and Geologic Training. Wrote monthly and quarterly reports for regional manager concerning Division exploration and related competitor activity.

Geologist - 3  yrs. Prospect generation in eastern basins of United States.  Interdisciplinary coordinator (geology / geophysics) for Illinois  Silurian Reef play resulting in drilling of five wildcat tests with one major discovery. Well-site geologist on wells drilled in Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Geological Data Processing Coordinator - 3 yrs.; Concurrent with other duties. Wrote exploratory  data retrieval programs for Texaco Central Producing Region. Taught and assisted other geologists in the use of exploration data processing  techniques, which resulted in identification of numerous leads & prospects for oil & gas. Presented paper on "computer applications in exploration" to national corporate research conference.

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